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DND | Coconut Wax Candle

DND | Coconut Wax Candle

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A long week of hard work? Set the mood with DND (do not disturb). Without distraction, relax yourself with enticing notes of sweet red wine, star anise, and guaiac woods. This candle will carry your self-care ritual to the next level.


- Plant-Based Coconut Wax (Paraffin-Free)
- Premium Grade Fragrance Oil (Phthalate-Free)
- Cotton Core Wick (Lead-Free)

* 13 oz / 369 g approx.
* Each concrete jar is handmade, minor variations and imperfections are normal.

Care Instructions

- Keep wick centered + trimmed.
- Burn candle within sight at all times.
- Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
- Never light a candle on or near anything flammable.
- Avoid drafts, water, and other liquids.
- Never let candles burn for more than 3-4 hours at a time.
- When ¼’’ of wax remains, discontinue use and upcycle your lovely ceramic jar!

Shop our Gold Wick Trimmer for a modern + sleek way to ensure a safe burning experience.

No unnecessary additives, toxins, or parabens are used in our products. We only use cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials.

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