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Wick Trimmer | Candle Care

Wick Trimmer | Candle Care

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If you're a candle lover, but hate the process of trimming your wicks, then you're in luck. Our Candle Wick Trimmer makes trimming your wicks quick and easy, while allowing the candle to burn safely.

*Only trimmers are available. No candle snuffer included.


Care Instructions

Proper wick care ensures:
- An enjoyable slow + even burn.
- Less buildup on your wick.
- Less black soot/smoke.
- Maintains the temperature of your candle jars.
- Keeps your candle jar clean + makes it easier to up-cycle later.

No unnecessary additives, toxins, or parabens are used in our products. We only use cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials.

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